Psychic Tiffany.

My Story

I now tell my clients that it is usally in times of crisis that most doors of opportunity are usually open. 

I now understand that simple phrase but it took a near fatal accident to bring this enlightend thought to pass. 

During a friends birthday party in the summer of 1988 when i was just a child is when my brush with death took place. Although I have no recolllection of the incident I do know I was nearly killed that day.

During the celebration at my friends home while all the other children were gathered around playing I somehow strayed from the group and either accidently or purposely (I do not recall 30 min prior or 2 hours past the incident) jumped in the deep part of my freinds in ground swimming pool. 

During the excitement and fun of friends and family laughing and celebrating my struggle with being a near non swimmer at the time must have went completely unnoticed. 

Untill this day my parents, siblings friends, friends parents or anyone else did not know how long exactly I was floating unconscious but the next thing I recall was awaking to my mother voice in a hospital bed saying "Can you hear me? Tiffany, Can you hear me?" 

I remember thinking I was getting ready for school and must have over slept but thinking why was my mother overreacting. 

It was then explained to me what had happened and that I was in a coma for nearly two days.

The next couple days carried on as usual 

with the exception of nice gifts and a lot of concerned  loved ones but it was approximately the fourth day that I starting hearing what I call now "The Other Voice" not to sound creepy or anything the other voice is still me but it's more of a sixth sense if you will, another side of how you proceed to look at certain situations, how the spiritual realm actually works and how at times we can be our greatest enemy, how negative circumstances play huge roles to the fulfillment of our destiny. 

Imagine explaining this as a 9 year old to my parents, they must have thought I left my sanity at the bottom of that swimming pool. 

Thankfully we all now understand that a door was opened that day and hundreds of people have experienced it. 

I since then have devoted myself to helping others around the world, from politicians to celebrity chefs, from grammy nominated song writers to hedgefund managers I offer my services to people of all walks of life and encourage everyone to come in and take part in a awakening of your spirit and mind. Whatever you may be experiencing today is just that a experience, lets change that experience to one of a positive nature. 

Like I said it's usually during a time of crises the doors of opportunity open"